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RoadWorkRPCO has developed three planning data standards. Each standard reflects best practices in the province around data storage and maintenance, and integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

With increased automation of municipal data systems, and growing integration of municipal data collections with other sources, planning data standards become important to data maintenance and processing efficency.

Road Network Data Standards

The Planning Road Network Data report reviews practices and data types for single line road network data that are used in business operations by planning departments in upper and single tier municipalities across Ontario.

The report details a conceptual extension to the Ontario Roads Network (ORN) model that can be used by municipal governments for planning-related road information that is not included in the Provincial or Federal road data models. The Ontario Road Network Physical Data Model is provided courtesy of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Employment Data Standards

Business and employment data is used by municipalities to forecast employment growth and land requirements, and as a tool to help formulate public policy. This data is also used for sectoral analysis, economic development program delivery and business directories.

The Employment Data report reviews business and employment data collection and usage in municipalities across Ontario, highlighting best practices for both planning and economic development purposes. A flexible conceptual database model for data storage and maintenance can be tailored to individual municipal needs.

A working group continues to explore ways of improving data collection techniques, including forming data-sharing partnerships with other levels of government that maintain transactional databases.

Property Data Standards

The Property Data Standard considers property data requirements from creation of the municipal parcel through ownership registration and assessment. Tracking changes as property is developed is a fundamental part of municipal planning operations.

The Property Data report develops a flexible conceptual database model that integrates different views of parcels, from municipal creation, through ownership registration and assessment, in a format that can be readily integrated with municipal Geographic Information Systems.

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