LOng RAnge Planners of ONtario


Long Range Planners of Ontario (LORAPON) is composed of senior planning policy staff of major municipalities in Ontario. LORAPON meets quarterly and reports through the Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario. The broad mandate of LORAPON is threefold:

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  • To monitor and respond to emerging planning policy issues in Ontario and beyond
  • To exchange and share ideas, approaches and initiatives, and to look for opportunities to co-ordinate efforts
  • To jointly undertake practical workplan initiatives that will advance understanding and action on planning issues

The scope of LORAPON's work is broad, incorporating rural, environmental, city building, economic and growth management issues across the province. LORAPON actively seeks to work with the Province of Ontario, other jurisdictions and non-profit agencies and interest groups.

Adopted January 22, 2002


LORAPON has prepared a number of documents on behalf of RPCO dealing with key planning issues.

Current Topics

LORAPON examines a wide variety of planning issues, including:

Health and the Built Environment

Improving Our Built Environment Symposium held on February 11, 2011.

Population and Employment Forecast

Every five years for the last 15 years, LORAPON has worked with the Province of Ontario to produce common forecasts that can be used for planning purposes across the GTA. An updated set of population and employment forecasts is anticipated to be completed in late 2004.

Centres and Corridors Monitoring

Measuring success in developing Centres and Corridors is essential in determining the success of policy. LORAPON is investigating ways to measure intensified in levels and geographic concentration.

Land Budgeting

York Region presented an analysis of vacant residential land supply to LORAPON on Feb 17, 2006.

Employment Lands

LORAPON, together with the GTA Economic Development Partnership, is investigating ways to better document the amount and location of vacant employment land. An investigation of this sort is valuable in formulating economic policy and preparing for forecasted employment growth.

Natural Heritage System Policy

The City of Hamilton's Targeted Natural Heritage System Study Presentation, presented to LORAPON on February 17, 2006, is available by request from Cathy Plosz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 905-546-2424 x.1231.

Other topics LORAPON has recently dealt with are nodes in the GTA, and the implementation of the Oak Ridges Moraine legislation.

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